The New Julfa quarter in which Vank Cathedral and other Armenian churches are situated is very different from any other place in Isfahan; it is established in 1606 by Shah Abbas I and worth being visited.

Isfahan (IMNA) - Shah Abbas I hosted over 150,000 Armenians from the town of Jolfa (now located in Iran’s northern border) and named the village New Jolfa. Today, it is not a village anymore but a homely neighborhood with very different atmosphere along the south bank of the Zayanderud River.

Jolfa housed about 24 Christian churches at the height of its prosperity. But during the Afghani interregnum, the number was greatly reduced to13 churches which survive from the 17th Century C.E. 

At first glance, Jolfa presents you a distinct appearance compared to the rest of Isfahan. The streets represent the combination of old and modern age; with cobbled walkways, the area provide you a pleasant atmosphere to walk in.  

It is worth your time to stroll around for about one hour and enjoy the Armenian architecture. There is a small cozy Square in Jolfa around which bunch of art students and youth hanging out together. There are also lots of cafe shop and restaurants served delicious Iranian and Armenian beverages as well as Armenian specific foods.

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