"We are trying to receive an international license for Fereydoonshahr ski resort to host the international competitions," the head of ski board of Isfahan province said.

Isfahan (IMNA) – "Concerning the good amount of snowfall in Fereydoonshahr situated in the Zagros mountain range, ski resort of this county has launched since two weeks ago, and many ski enthusiasts have welcomed it," Mahmood Yasliani said.

Pointing to holding the national championships in Fereydoonshahr ski resort, he noted, "This year we will host the provincial championships, multilateral competitions, national championships of men's Alpine skiing, and junior national snowboard competition for all age and probably for women as well; of course holding the women's competitions is uncertain and depends on the number of female skiers."

"Generally, we will certainly hold all the competitions and training programs, coaching courses, and improving the level of trainers' knowledge, that we couldn’t hold them last year due to the low amount of snowfall," he added.

"Holding a talent contest for children aged 6 to 12 years old in Freydoonshahr and Afous ski resort is one of the most important programs of the province's ski association board; the first phase has been carried out in two parts of girls and boys, and the next phase which is specialized to snow skiing will be started at the first days of January, so that talented people will be identified for the national championships," he continued.

"Currently, Fereydoonshahr ski resort doesn’t have an international license, but we are trying to receive it. If it happens, hosting the international ski competitions will be put on the agenda of the board," he also said.

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