Naghsh-e Jahan square is a unique, beautiful and peaceful place to escape the city and have a moment of quiet.

Isfahan (IMNA) - There are so much beauty to see in the square; you can pass your pleasant time in the square wandering around beautiful Bazaars and enjoy everything from unique handicrafts to pure architecture. If you enter the square from western side, you will hear the sound of hitting hammer on copper which is like a delicious music.

The must-go Isfahan coppersmiths Bazaar benefits of Iranian architecture on its walls and ceiling. Gleamy copper handicrafts of Isfahani artists adorned the Bazaar as well. This Bazaar which is located in the north side of Ali Qapu palace dates back to the reign of Shah Abbas Safavi.

This Bazaar is famous due to the melodious sound caused by hitting coppersmiths' hammers on small and big copper plates. Seeing artisans making their copper plates right in the Bazaar is amazing.  While most shopkeepers are selling the prepared dishes, treys and vases, the trace of the traditional form of the Bazaar is still obvious, and this 400-years old Bazaar has preserved its attraction from the past time.

Repousse and chasing can be considered as the oldest and the most faithful friend of handicraft artists in the field metalwork. This art was used extensively between 6th and 7th millennium BC, and the culmination of this art dates back to the Safavid era. While using the copper dishes has been decreased and this kind of dishes are replaced with China and Arcopal dishes, copper dishes are still being sold for special tastes.

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