The Fin Garden is a walled traditional Persian yard with old cypress trees and orchards located southwest of Kahsan, Isfahan. It is registered in the list of national monument of Iran in 1935, with the registration number of 238, it was declared a world heritage site by UNESCO in 2012.

Isfahan (IMNA) - Fin garden that was constructed in the Safavid era is the beautiful example of Islamic architecture and gardening. It is a masterpiece combining natural and man-made elements. This delightful garden has an area of 23,000 thousand square meters that contain one central garden which is surrounded by walls, battlements in the shape of cylindrical.

There is a two-story building in the Garden; the first floor has an entrance hall, and the second floor includes a salon that provides a fantastic view of the garden. Elements of water and tree that are dynamic elements near the building give the live identity to this historical and cultural area. Water is the most basic element in the design of Fin Garden. This quadrilateral Persian garden is divided into four parts by waterways.

Crystal-clear warm water flows from a natural spring and runs into beautiful turquoise pools and then shines in the fountains. Despite its being relaxing place, a horrible story marked here; there is a bath in the garden that was the deathtrap of Amir Kabir, the chancellor of Naseeruddin Shah!

But beside all this, the wonderful perspective of this garden attracts many tourists around the world to watch and enjoy its beauties, as it is one of the most visited attractions in Iran.

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