Pir Bakran is a small city in the center of Iran, thirty kilometers southwest of Isfahan. The name of this city is taken from a mausoleum called "Pir Bakran"; Muhammad ibn Bakra was a Sufi saint and mystic lived in this area.

Isfahan (IMNA) - Archeologists discovered a stone dating to 500 BC in Pir-i Bakran’s Jewish cemetery in 1948, suggesting that Jews settled in the area for at least twenty-five hundred years. The holiest shrine of the Jews is also located in this city; Astar Khatun, Sara Khatun, Setareh Khatun, or Sarah Bat-Asher is a religious monument belonging to the Jewish people. The name of Astra Khatun, is known as the monument of Susan Dokht, or the daughter of Yazdgerd; according to the historical documents, this shrine dates back to 1400 years ago.

The Jews used to go to this place since the beginning of the Jewish month of Eloul, and stayed there and prayed for forty days. Poems of the prophet Davood about praying God composed in Hebrew language are observed on the stone portal in this place. During the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, Iranian Jews go there and stay in the rooms provided in this shrine.

Jewish symbols such as menorah and the star of Davidd are seen in all parts of this place. This area has a synagogue and many graves that are nearly 2000 years old.

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