Assar Khaneh, which used to be a historical oil-extracting factory, is registered in the UNESCO world heritage list.

This place is one of the most important historical, cultural, and tourism attractions in Isfahan which is located at the beginning of Mokhles Bazaar and next to the Isfahan gold Bazaar. This place played an important role in providing oil for different purposes such as food preparation, soap production, and oil lamps in the past time.

This monument was constructed during the reign of Shah Abbas I in Safavid era. The main area of the Asarkhane Shahi was about 1,800 square meters, but some parts like stall, dock, and the Asarkhane entrance have been destroyed. This monument had been under renovation operation until a few decades ago, but since it was not cost effective, it went out of service.

When you want to get into Asarkhane Shahi, you should step down some stairs to enter the lower basement, where you can see equipment such as stones, barrels, and…, that were used for extracting oil. This building has one floor, there are three domes in the main hall which are 11 meter high. The roofs are designed in such a way to store the extracted oil in the lower temperature. Now, this site is used as a museum to display the early equipment in the oil industry.

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