Jameh mosque of Isfahan, the oldest and biggest congregational mosque in Iran, is located very close to the Isfahan Grand Bazaar. This mosque has been a UNESCO World heritage Site since 2012.

Isfahan (IMNA) - This building is a representative example of Islamic architecture of Seljuqs, Mongol, and Safavid eras. It has been continuously renovated for almost 1,300 years. When you are walking through this mosque, you can see different periods of history in every part of the building; from very simple stone columns to intricate tiles and calligraphy.

There are four Iwans around the courtyard, and also two wonderful brick domes, opposite each other, on the north and southern side of the mosque. The southern dome was built by Nizam al-Mulk, and the northern dome by Nizam al-Mulk's rival, Taj al-Mulk. There is a prayer room with wonderful massive pillars along the northern Iwan.

The most beautiful Mihrab in Iran is situated in the "Sultan Uljeito" Shabestan in the northwest of the mosque. This exquisite stucco Mihrab is designed with dense Quranic inscriptions and floral designs. There is also a wooden carved Minbar in this Shabestan that has doubled its beauty. You can also see the Timurid-era Winter Hall (Beit al-Shata) next to this Shabestan which was built in 1448 and lit by alabaster skylights.

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