One of the most visited attractions in Isfahan is Chehel Sotoun Palace. It is a mansion in the middle of a park at the far end of a long pool which was built by Shah Abbas II. This place used to be a residence to receive dignitaries and ambassadors. This building is registered on UNESCO Cultural Heritage List in 2011.

Isfahan (IMNA) - Chehel Sotoun means a palace with 40 columns; actually, there are 20 columns in the entrance of the palace that turning into 40 when the sun hits them, making them reflect into the long pool in front of the palace. The design of this palace was inspired by European, Iranian, and Chinese architecture. The doors and windows are ornamented by detailed fretworks.

Moreover, there are some wonderful paintings on the walls of the central hall of this palace; each refers to a special event on a specific period of time such as the famous battle of Chaldiran against the Ottoman's king, the Sultan Soleyman I. More recent painting shows the Nader Shah's victory against the Indian army in 1739. There are also pictures of celebrations of joy and love in traditional Persian miniature styles. In sum, artworks of this palace including wooden works, decorations with mirror, and murals indicate the great artistic skill of Iranian artists.

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