"The highest level of saffron cultivation in Isfahan province is in Natanz, Najaf Abad, and Shahin Shahr; altogether, saffron is cultivated in more than 1,200 hectares of the lands in this province," the head of garden affairs of Isfahan agriculture Jihad organization said.

Isfahan (IMNA) – "Saffron is a product that its cultivation and export has a comparative advantage due to the water shortage in Isfahan," Ahmadreza Reiszadeh said. "Concerning the implementation of cropping patterns changing plan in Isfahan province, special attention has been paid to the cultivation and harvesting methods of this product," he added.

"Therefore, saffron is planted in many counties of the province. A suitable development plan has been created in this regard, and we have had a proper cultivation and harvesting this year," he continued.

Saying that there is not a special brand for this product in Isfahan, he said, "Maybe, Isfahan's saffron is exported with the names of other provinces or even other countries.If the producers have the packaging and commercialization facilities, they can offer saffron with their own special logo or brand that reflects its Isfahani authenticity."

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