Filband, land above clouds

Filband village is located in the heart of central Alborz Mountains, about 2,300 meters above the sea level. This village is in the western Bandpey and north of Babol County in Mazandaran province. It is known as the roof of the province.

Isfahan (IMNA) - Locals call this village "Felband" which is the combination of two words of "Fel" meaning "fatigue" and "Band" meaning obstacle that refers to its inaccessible path. In the warm season, 1200 households live here but this place is empty in winter for about 7 months due to the extreme coldness. The weather cannot be forecasted here since in a half-day, all atmospheric conditions may occur. Here is a place to experience the dream of living above the clouds. This village is a beautiful tourist destination due to the combination of high mountains, and the green forests amid a large amount of white clouds.