The Monar Jonban (Shaking Minarets) is a stunning historical building located in the west of Isfahan. This interesting monument has been built 700 years ago during Ilkhanid era. It was constructed over the tomb of Abdollah Soqla.

ISFAHAN (IMNA) - It is a building with 9 meters width and 17 meters heights, famous for its interesting minarets. The iwan and porch of this building were constructed based on Mughol style, but the shape of minarets indicates that they are added to iwan at the end of the Safavid era. This building is decorated with dark blue tiles that cover the inner side of the arch.

There are 2 six-meter-tall minarets on both sides of the mausoleum porch ornamented with lovely brickwork. Each minaret has a very narrow spiral staircase to the top of minaret. The summit of each minaret has small open arches. The distinguished feature of this monument is that if one minaret is shaken, the other one will shake simultaneously, whole building will shake as well. This movement is facilitated due to the wooden crossbars on top of the minarets. Isfahanologists believe that all minarets shake a little, but the minarets of this monument shake significantly.

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