- The 35th Tehran International Short Film Festival (TISFF) announces winners at national and international categories.

Isfahan (IMNA) - The closing ceremony of the 35th TISFF was held in Milad Tower in west of Tehran on Nov 13, 2018. Several top cinematic officials and actors, including Mohammad Mehdi Heidarian, the Director of the Cinema Organization of Iran, Alireza Reza-Dad, Mohammad Mahdi Tabatabaei, Ebrahin Daroghe Zadeh, Ladan Mostofi and Mahtab Keramati, etc. were also attending the ceremony.

Addressing the ceremony, the 35th TISFF' Secretary Sadeq Mousavi appreciated Iranian artists, filmmakers and fans for their attendance in the festival. He also hailed the domestic and international jury members for watching more than 1,600 Iranian films and selected the best ones.

Mousavi reiterated that the festival is considered as the most important cinematic event in Middle East. Addressing the same gathering, Heidarian appreciated Sadeqi for his great importance in the festival, adding that the shiny days await Iranian cinema industry. Hailing Iranian cinema officials, he said no one can isolate Islamic Republic of Iran.

Commemorating Ahmad Alasti

The ceremony commemorating Ahmad Alasti the Iranian cinema researcher, translator and faculty member of Tehran University also was held in the ceremony.

Commemorating Ashkan Ashkani

Speaking in the ceremony, the acclaimed Iranian cameraman Ashkani said: 'I love short films and I have decided to continue my job with full power.'

Book and Cinema Award

The first prize was awarded to 'Short Wave' by Mohammad Esmaeili, written by Gholam-Hossein Saedi based on his own novel.

Arts and Experience Award

Saman Salur and Hoshang Golmakani awarded the Arts and Experience Award to Sadeq Javadi, director of 'Fox'.

ISFA Award

The Iranian Short Film Association (ISFA) introduced the ISFA Award at the 35th TISFF. ISFA Medal and Honorary Diploma were granted to 'Dissect' by Siavash Shahabi. The jury members also appreciated the films of 'The Scout' and 'Banoo' for safeguarding the national and Iran 's Sacred Defense.

The winners in various categories are as follows:

Best Film in Art & Experience: 'The Fox' by Sadegh Javadi

Iranian Short Film Association Award: 'Dissect' by Siavash Shahabi

Grand Prix in International Competition: 'Dissect' by Siavash Shahabi

UNICEF Awards:

Mention: ‘Fellow Citizen of War’ by Ahmad Zaeri

Main Award: ‘Dolly’ by Ali Delkari

International Competition:

Best Documentary: ‘And What is the Summer Saying?’ by Payal Kapadia – India

Best Animation (Mention): ‘Agouro’ – Portugal, France

Best Animation: ‘Weekends’ – USA

Best Fiction: ‘Fauve’ – Canada

Best Fiction (Mention): ‘The Beetle at the End of the Street’ – Spain

Iranian Cinema Competition:

Best Cinematography: The 70-million-rials award was granted to Sina Kermanizadeh for ‘Reverence’

Best Script: The 70-million-rials award was granted to Omid Shams for ‘Qarar’. An Honorary Diploma was granted to Ali Zareh Qena'at for 'Empy Landscape'

Best Editing: The 60-million-rials award was granted to Katayoun Parmar and Mohammad Rouhbakhsh for 'You're Still Here'

Best Sound Editing: The 60-million-rials award of best sound editing was granted to Hosein Ghourchian for Wolf and the Herd”

Best Director (Animation): The 30-million-rials and an Honorary Diploma award Mahboubeh Kalei for ‘Sink’. The festival's trophy and 80-million-rials were also granted to Sadegh Javadi for ‘The Fox’

Best Director (Documentary): The festival's trophy and 80-million-rials were also granted to Sajjad Imani for ‘Joker’ ; Seyed Mostafa Fakhari for ‘Dolls Story’

Best Director (Experimental): The festival's trophy and 80-million-rials were also granted to Pouya Razi for ‘Not Being’

Best Actor: The Honorary Diploma and 100-million-rials award was granted to Soheil Ghanadan for ‘Borther’. Meanwhile, the Honorary Diploma and 30-million-rials was also granted to Alireza Sanifar for ‘Dissect’

Best Actress: The Honorary Diploma and the 30-million-rials was also granted to Neda Jebraeeli for ‘In Between’

Best Director (Mention): The plaque of appreciation and the 30-million-rials was granted to Mohamamd Kart for ‘Pedovore’

Best Director Award: The festival's trophy and 100-million-rials was granted to Sogol Rezvani for ‘Reverence’

Special Jury Award (Fiction): The festival's trophy and 120-million-rials was granted to Siavash Shahabi for ‘Dissect’

Best Film (on Sacred Defense): 'Empty View' by Ali Zare

Audience Award: The festival's trophy was granted to ‘Pedovore’ by Mohammad Kart

The Grand Prix of the 35th Tehran International Film Festival went to ‘In Between’ by Aliyar Rasti

Pitching Section:

- A 1,300-dollar-award was granted to 'Dream, Dotted Yellow' by Baran Sarmad

- A 1,200-dollar-award was granted to Ata Mojabi

-A 1,100-dollar-award was granted to Mohsen Baqeri Dastgerdi for 'Staircase'

-A 1,000-dollar-award was granted to Amen Sahraei for 'Mirror'

Provided by: Mansour Jahani

The 35th Tehran International Film Festival was held in the Iranian capital from Nov. 9-13 November 2018.

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