Salak disease or leishmaniasis in medical terminology, is a parasitic disease caused by the bite of a female phlebotomine sandfly.

Isfahan (IMNA) - The symptoms include skin sores, breathing difficulty, runny nose, weight loss, fever and weakness that lasts for weeks. Its common attacks mainly involve the facial skin. Infected patients should be treated as soon as possible if their lesions are slow to heal, painful and disfiguring.

Unfortunately, Salak disease is spreading in the eastern areas of Isfahan and nobody knows how many victims have suffered from this illness. Some people claimed that 280 people are infected and others report the double of this number, but a large crowd of people in the Varzaneh medical center shows the spreading of this disease among the families  live in this county. Also, the authorities' solutions are not enough to heal the corrosive wounds specific to this disease, since according to what the member of Varzaneh Islamic Council said, 130 Switzerland's vaccines have been sent to the health center but because of their low impact, 10 vaccines should be used for each patient. The real problem here is that the medicines are not enough even for one tenth of the patients!

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