Abbasi house is a large historical house located in the central district of Kashan, Isfahan. This traditional house dates back to the late 18th century. It is belonged to a wealthy glass merchant, who built it for his family. Now, this house has changed to a beautiful museum; the Iran's Cultural Heritage Organization is responsible to protect it.

Isfahan (IMNA) - This monument features traditional Persian architecture including "Andarouni", private living room or interior, which was used mostly by women and servants, and "Birouni", public part of the house or exterior" mostly used by men. 

Abbasi house has five floors with about 7,000 square meters, and six courtyards and chambers surround them. The living room of this house has two special parts; winter rooms and summer rooms. Summer rooms are bigger than the winter rooms and they are air-conditioned with wind towers and fountains, but the winter rooms have less air circulation which traps the warm air inside the rooms.

There are also several bigger halls along the rooms to entertain the guests. The laundry room, kitchen, and praying and storage rooms, and the pavilion in the public part and also secret passage ways were built in this house that visitors can observe them while passing through the house.

The ceiling of one of the chambers on the second floor which is called "Shahneshin" is decorated with mirror mosaics that looks like a starry sky due to the reflection of the light of the candles.

There are also some water pools in the courtyards that direct water through qanats to this house. Let’s see the beauties of this magnificent house!

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