Pottery making; forgotten art

The history of pottery making goes back into ancient time. Making pottery mostly involve hand building techniques as it requires little equipment more than hands! Pottery has a long history in Isfahan as this city is called the paradise of Iranian artists.

Isfahan (IMNA) - The great master, Esmaeil Shiran, who was born in Isfahan in 1937 is known as a great pottery maker in Iran. Shiran with 60 years of pottery making experience, has been active in many other activities in different organizations such as Pardis University of Isfahan, Seminary Art Center of Tehran, and Iran’s Cultural Heritage Organization.

He also has participated in several exhibitions including the "Tiles and Chehel Sotoun exhibitions". He succeeded to receive the honorary diploma and obtain the second place in the national pottery exhibition held in Hamedan. Master Esmail Shiran is the reviver of luster glaze (Zarrin Faam) pottery in Iran.