A group of social and cultural activists of Yazd held a meeting with the official authorities and social activists of Isfahan to resolve the water conflicts between people in Isfahan and Yazd.

Isfahan (IMNA) - "The civil rights activists of Yazd try to create intimacy between people of Isfahan and Yazd by using the cultural diplomacy, so that the historical background of these cities will not be sacrificed for the wrath of nature, since not only Iran, but also the whole world is struggling with the drought crisis. We know that the history of Yazd and Isfahan is the same so that political divisions must not separate them," Jafar Amin Moghadam, the head of creativity and modern technology center of Yazd municipality said among the social and cultural activists of Isfahan and Yazd gathered  near the Khajoo bridge.

"Certainly, the only way to get out of the water crisis is the cultural diplomacy; and the presence of the cultural activists of Yazd in Isfahan is an important step toward achieving this goal," Mohammad Eidi, the head of cultural, social, and sport organization of Isfahan municipality said.

"We should take advantages from the cultural and social capacities to solve the crises, not that the capacities create crises themselves; they not only bless the two cities, but also can build a social movement in Iran.  By forming this movement, the political boundaries would not separate us from each other," he added.

The attendees of this gathering show the solidarity between people of Isfahan and Yazd by standing in a circle forming human chain in front of Khajoo Bridge and also attending Blood Transfusion Center in Isfahan.

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