Vank cathedral is located in the new Jolfa neighborhood of Isfahan; Vank literally means "monastery" or "convent" in the Armenian language. The church was built in 1606, during the reign of Shah Abbas II. Several years after its construction, it was rebuilt, and this time the construction process lasted for nine years.

Isfahan (IMNA) - This wonderful cathedral is a gorgeous fusion of Armenian and Islamic architecture; Corridors of successive arches which is a hallmark of Islamic architecture, end up to a vibrantly painted room of Armenian and Christian iconography and typical Islamic geometrical designs.

The interior walls of this cathedral are covered with rich tile works. The depiction located in the center is in bright and beautiful colors of golden and blue and it displayed the creation of the universe. The ceiling is also colored by beautiful floral motifs in Persian miniature style. The two graves of Orthodox and Protestant Christians put along the exterior wall before the entrance.

A tile work plaque inscribed in Armenian is visible by the entrance of the cathedral. The architecture style of other churches which were constructed afterwards was greatly influenced by this wonderful cathedral.

There is also a museum and a library with so many interesting things on the corner of the courtyard; more than 700 handwritten books and many valuable and unique resources for research are available in this library, and the museum illustrates many artifacts from the history of the cathedral and the Armenian community in Isfahan.

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