The salt lake is located in the central desert region of Iran. This lake is known as Aran va Bidgol salt lake. Choosing this name is due to the high salinity of the lake, in such a way that salt particles float on the lake in the summer.

Isfahan (IMNA) - This lake with the length and width of 80 and 30 kilometers respectively is the result of tectonic subsidence that is created 795 meters above the sea level. The area of Aran-Bidgol salt lake is about 3000 square kilometers; it is like a triangle that its vertex facing the north.

This natural site is covered with salt deposits which have been created over centuries by the accumulation of floods and surface water. The salt depth here is between 5 to 54 meters, which is separated by the clay layers. The interesting point here is that the water level of the lake will reach to two centimeters in some areas in the rainy months, but when the sun shines, it will be evaporated quickly.

The important rivers that get into this lake are the Shour River, Karaj River, Jajrud River, Hableh-Rud River, and Qareh-Chai River, all of them located on the north and west of this site. The most important compounds in the salt lake are sodium chloride, sodium sulfate, magnesium chloride, magnesium sulfate, and etc.  

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