” The price of imported colors used in making Persian enamel has been raised in the wake of an increase in the value of exchange rate, and subsequently handicraftsmen raise prices on their products; an appreciation in the exchange rate will tend to reduce aggregate demand because exports will fall and imports increase,” a handicraft artist said.

Isfahan (IMNA) - "The ancient art of Enameling has been particularly affected by the latest economic recession in Iran," Fatemeh Nazemi said.

"Depression in handicraft market has come through the recent economic downturn; The wave of bad economic news is eroding purchasing power of our main costumers who used to buy artworks on various occasions, even foreign tourists cannot afford the costs; When your customers suffer, your sales suffer. We should employ recession-fighting strategies to survive, and arrive to witness a boom in Iran's handicraft market,” she added.

" The key factor that has crimped demand for enamels and caused them to be highly expensive is that colors are imported from Germany, and the price depends on the exchange rate; so, rising exchange rate affects the price of these colors. The price of copper that is the dominant metal used in making this handicraft has also increased. Furthermore, making such colors is not feasible in the country as their production requires high costs and time,” Nazemi said.

Prosperity in Isfahan’s tourism market is vital for local economic development. The absence of foreign travelers in Isfahan will plunged the tourism industry and handicraft market into recession.

Elahe Seyfodin

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