”The price of colors used in making Persian enamel has been raised  following the increase in the value of exchange rate since they are imported from abroad; consequently, the products' price increase and subsequently tourists’ purchasing powers decrease,” a handicraft artist said.

Isfahan (IMNA) -Enameling is among the handicrafts that has been impacted by the latest economic recession in Iran; it is noteworthy to mention that the importance of enameling should not be compared with other handicrafts as each of them has its own unique features,” Fatemeh Nazemi said.

"Serious negative effects has come through the recent economic recession; no purchase and no sale are currently taking place and tourists cannot afford the costs. We should overcome the downturn to increase sales and arrive to witness a boom in Iran's handicraft market,” she added.

"Due to the economic depression, people cannot afford to buy enamel works while they used to buy artworks on various occasions. The main problem is that enamel colors are imported from Germany and the price depends on the exchange rate; so, rising exchange rate affects the price of these colors. The price of copper that is the dominant metal used in this handicraft has also increased. Furthermore, making such colors is not feasible in the country as their production requires high costs and time ” Nazemi said.

Elahe Seyfodin

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