Abyaneh village is situated in the highlands of central district of Natanz county .

Isfahan (IMNA) - Abyaneh village has a temperate climate, favorable natural environment, vernacular architecture, and various historical buildings that attracts many tourists. This village is registered in the list of national monument of Iran on August 22, 1975, with the registration number of 1089. People living in Abyane speak with their own special accent that is fundamentally different from other accents in Isfahan.

They also wear traditional costumes. which are colorful or floral pattern skirts or pleated pants. Houses in this village date back to Seljukid, Safavid, and Qajar eras; many houses in this area are built as if they are placed on a stairway; The flat roofs of lower houses are the yard of the upper ones and no walls surround them. They are also built in the form of cube, with wooden grid windows and doors and also covered with red soil which will be harder when it rains.

One of the most important and historical building of this village is Jameh mosque; the oldest monument of this mosque is its minbar made of carven wood dating back to 466 A.H. The other old mosque of Abyaneh is Barzaleh mosque which dates back to Ilkhanis era. Harpark fireplace  known as the Zorastrian temple is a real sample of Iranian temples built in mountain communities.


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