The Hasht behesht historical palace of Isfahan is located in the middle of the city, in the Westside of Chahrbagh Abbasi Avenue, on the opposite side of Sheikhbahaee Street.

Isfahan (IMNA) -  This palace used to be one of the residences of the last Safavid rulers. The decorated tiles in this palace portrays the pictures of beautiful birds, predators, and reptiles. There is not much left from the vast garden of Hash Behesht, however a park was built around it after the Islamic revolution.

This historical palace which is still valuable and interesting is also known under the names of Hasht be Hasht, Hasht dar-e Behesht, and Bagh-e Bolbol; Hasht Behesht refers to the porch or eight gates of paradise.This octagonal palace has four different facades. It seems that the northern side is the main façade, while the eastern side of the palace that faces the garden pool indicates the main façade.

The building was built 2 meters higher than the ground. The stairs in this palace were designed in such a way that two floors are connected to one another from different sides. Now the garden has been turned into a park, and registered in the list of national monument of Iran with the registration number of 227. Some trees, ponds, and mansions are the reminders of that historical garden. Its garden pavilion is now available for visitors.

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