"Padena" is a tourist destination located in the south of Isfahan, and 80 kilometers of Semirom city. In recent decades, this area has turned into an apple production hub due to its fertile lands, and good climate.

Isfahan (IMNA) – The existence of waterfalls, springs, rivers full of water, suitable plant coverage, and preserved wildlife are the items that attract the mountaineers to this area. Each year, mountaineer teams from all over the country travel to this area to climb the high summits of the middle Zagros.

One of the most beautiful and the best area of Semirom County is a tourism village of Khafr. "Peydena" waterfall, four-hour distance from "Khafr" waterfall, is considered as one of the most beautiful waterfalls of Dena summits. Despite the drought, water flows in this waterfall due to its location near the high summits of Dena. "Khafr", the roaring waterfall, has gained the mountaineers' attention from all over the country, especially the mountaineers of Isfahan province.

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