The Sukias House which is located in Tabrizi neighborhood of Jolfa and near the David historical house belongs to the Safavid era.

Isfahan (IMNA) - It was built in 2 floors and has an area of 920 square meters premium living space; its northern and southern parts also have an area of 3100 square meters. The Sukias House, has certain historical and artistic values. Its outer foreign painting decorations of the palace and the space of its central hall are unique. 

According to Abraham Kurgian's belief, the famous Armenian painter, this house was built in 1655 C.E by the translator of the British ambassador in Iran (during the reign of Shah 'Abbas). The paintings of the external walls of Ivan portray Queen Elizabeth.

After completing the restoration and reconstruction operations of this house, its northern side is being used for the specialized laboratories of the Restoration Department of Isfahan University of Art (Chemistry and Metallurgy), and its southern side is being used for specialized workshops of painting restorations, pottery restorations, fabric restorations, tusk and bone restorations, paper and glass restorations.

The Sukias House, is registered in the list of national monument of Iran in 1974 with the registration number of 994. This house was purchased and restored by Isfahan University of art in 1997. When the restoration operation of the southern side was completed in 1998, it was being used as training spaces for restoration department in 1999.

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