The historical bathhouse of Rehnan with 1467 sq. meter, is located in district 11 of Isfahan municipality, in a region with the same name.

Isfahan (IMNA) - The building was constructed by Haj Agha Mohammad Renani, one of the Zend dynasty rulers in Isfahan, who ordered to build this unique masterpiece among the four old regions in Rehanan, beside a small market (Bazarcheh) and Zoogheblatain mosque. Rehnan Bathhouse consists of 2 large and small baths for separate but simultaneous use of men and women which is known as "Twin Bath".

Unlike other dressing rooms (Bineh) in historical bathrooms, where the platforms are located around the Bineh, in Rehnaan historical bath, the dressing room is located at the center of the big Bineh and the corridors are built around; so it is the only bath with Shabestani design in Iran.

The large and beautiful dressing room has a dome which 16 stone and brick columns, bearing its weight. Rehnan Bathhouse is also known as the "Chehelsotun bath" because of its pillars mirrored in the still water of the pool. The dressing room walls are covered with Eslimi lime or gypsum decorations in white, black and red color. Let's see what it looks like.

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