The historical monument, known as "Madres-e Ibn Sina" which was built during Seljuk era, is located after Shafie'e school, Pagoldaste alley, Ibn Sina Street, Dardasht neighborhood, Isfahan.

It is registered in the list of national monument of Iran on March 15, 2005, with the registration number of 11555. This small but valuable building with its brick dome has been the teaching place of Poor Sina (Madras) during his residence in Isfahan. Based on some unconfirmed local narrations, his tomb has been in this place (not in Hamedan).

Poor Sina, Abu Ali Sina, or Ibn Sina, a well-known Iranian scientist (359-416 S.H) has left valuable works in different fields such as; medicine, philosophy, natural sciences, mathematics, music, and poetry. Ibn Sina, spent his final years in Isfahan, taught the students, and wrote his works.

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