"We must create job opportunities and provide social vitality to reduce the prevalence of substance use and control the major drug cartels in Isfahan,” the governor general of Isfahan said.

Isfahan (IMNA) - “As many other countries, Iran could ignore substance-related issues and even take advantages of such affairs.” Mohsen Alizadeh said in the eradication ceremony of 40 tons of non-medical drugs, that was held in Naghsh-e Jahan stadium.

Saying that unfortunately Iran is the starting point of drug trafficking he added, "The Islamic conscience in Iran does not allow young people to fall into the trap of addiction. The international organizations should appreciate our country’s efforts regarding counter-narcotics efforts.”

“The prevalence rate of drug use in Isfahan has been reduced by 50%, and in this regard Isfahan has ranked 19th in Iran; dropping five steps from 24th,” he announced. The governor general of Isfahan stressed that by creating job opportunities and providing social vitality, the danger of substance use among youth will be reduced.” 

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