Flower garden of Isfahan is located on the southeast side of Bozorgmehr square and near the Zayande –Rood River; it includes a rock garden, an herbal garden, an Iranian garden, a rose garden, a pond, waterfalls, an open air amphitheater, interconnected hedges, a natural flowery carpet, and etc. Now we are going to introduce some parts of the flower garden:

The entrance pavilion

The entrance pavilion includes a building with the dimensions of 9 M (length) in 6 M (width) and the height of 6 meters. At the ground floor, there’s an information office to present some information about the garden and the seed exhibition.

Rock garden

This garden has an area of 2500 meters that 250 rock garden plants species has been planted there.


There is a pond with the area of about 3500 square meters, on the southeastern side of the garden to fresh the air.

Waterfall of the garden

This waterfall is located on the eastern side of the rock garden. It is constructed with different river stones to make the waterfall look natural.


There are greenhouses with an area of 700 square meters that were built on the northeastern side of the garden which makes it possible for the guests to visit different types of flowers in cold seasons.

Rose garden

This garden is a collection of gardens made to grow different kinds of roses planted in Iran.

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