Seyed Mohammad Bagher Shafti also known as Rashti or Bidabadi, was a Faqih and clergyman. Seyed mosque (Masjed Seyed) in Bidabad of Isfahan was built under the supervision of him.

Isfahan (IMNA) - He was one of the richest land owners of his time. Probably, Shafti was the first person receiving the title of Hojatt al-Islam (means proof of Islam). This title then also referred to a famous clergyman from Kashan; but after that, the importance of this title was diminished gradually.

The reason of referring this title to Shafti was because of his dual role as a judge and a mufti who wrote a book regarding implementation of Islamic Shari’a during the absence of Imam Zaman. He died in Isfahan in 2nd Rabi-Ul-Awal 1260 AH (coincided with 22 March, 1843), and he was buried in Seyed mosque (Masjed Seyed) according to his will. Let's see how his home looks!

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