Berenjegan village is a virgin, beautiful, and old village in Baghbahadoran city. It is one of the most beautiful villages of Lenjan County in Isfahan that has a very good weather.

Isfahan (IMNA) - About 300 years ago, Loftali Khan Lari immigrated to this area and built up this village so as to farm and plant rice. The high quality rice that planted in this village has been the reason for blessing, prosperity, and reputation of the village. Therefore, this village was called Berenjegan which means the place of planting rice in Farsi. Certainly the greener of this area is due to the Zayande-Rood River that originates in the heights of Zard-Kuh Bakhtiari and flows near the village.

Berenjegan has changed to one of the best places to relax due to its spectacular woodland, towering trees, fruitful gardens like apricot, sour cherry, cherry, walnut and berries, and also small streams in the gardens. This village is like a beautiful gemstone that shines and makes people excited.

The traditional structure of Berenjegan village makes nature lovers to travel there and enjoy staying there. Besides all the natural attractions of Berenjegan, foods here are also delicious. When you go through the village, the smell of Dampokhti, cooked in copper pots will makes you to blow away; locals called it “Dampokht Lakholi". Drinking a cup of fire tea in thatched rooms with wooden doors and windows, and an Ivan which is decorated with beautiful geranium vases, provides an indescribable sense.

This village looks like illustrations of fiction books. When being in this village, which is like a real paradise, you can feel absolute calm; breathe the pure oxygen and smell the Lenjan rice then you will find that what the purpose of life is!

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