Isfahan bazaar is one of the largest and the most interesting market in Iran and Islamic world.

Isfahan (IMNA) - Among the bazaars of the big cities in Iran, few of them like Isfahan bazaar remained intact in terms of architectural style. Therefore, it is not surprising that Isfahan bazaar attracts architects and domestic and foreign urban planners’ attention.  The Great Bazaar of Isfahan (bazaar-e Bozorg) ends to the Jameh mosque and the Bazaar-e Oryan.

There are some stores in this bazaar that have been exchanging one type of product since 400 years ago.  This bazaar is also called Bazar-e Nezamieh or Nezam Al-Molki due to its neighborhood to the Nezam Al-Molk and Jameh mosque. Over half a century ago, long corridors connected this bazaar to the bazaars of Darvazeh Tokhchi, Bazar-e Ghaz, and Naghshe Jahan (Imam) square.

Other historical areas which are connected to the Gran Bazaar are Risman Bazar and Kasegaran School. Collections of historical monuments like Molla Abdollah School, Jarchi Bashi mosque, Sadr School, Nimavard School, and caravanserais from Safavid and Qajar era like Mokhles caravanserai, Golshan caravanserai, Malek Timcheh, and bathhouses from Safavid era, stressed the historical importance of architectural collection in Isfahan Grand Bazaar.

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