In Isfahan, there is still a bazaar, a Char-Sugh (four directions), a caravanserai, and two mosques from the time that Saru Taqi was the prime minister of the Safavid king.

Isfahan (IMNA) - However, the Saru Taqi palace that Shardin, a French traveler, considered it as the most beautiful palace in Iran, was destroyed after his death. Following the command of the king at that time, it was turned to be the house for the sheriff or the governor of the city for a while.

The Saru Taqi mosque, which is best known for its founder is located in the area of Hassan Abad gate. The name of “Saru Taqi” and the date of 1053 AH were carved on the portal inscription of the mosque. The differentia of this mosque is the painting decoration of the interior and exterior of the dome; the exterior of the dome is simple brickwork, but its interior is decorated with beautiful painting and plasterwork. These decorations also covered the surface of the walls, which were plastered in subsequent periods.

It is said that choosing Saru Taqi name by Shah Abbas II for his prime minister is due to one of the following reasons: Because of

1. His courage, as the name means the courage lion

2. His yellow and blond hair

There is no inscription inside the dome, but the entrance of the mosque overlooking the bazaar has a tile inscription with white Suls calligraphy on azure background with the handwriting of Mohammad Reza Emami Isfahani on the date of 153 AH.

It is worth mentioning that Sarutaghi mosque was being built that a group of conspirators killed its founder, Saru Taqi. However, the mosque was completed because Saru Taqi was popular among people and they wanted to pass his name on to the later generations.

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