Garmeh village is a popular tourist attraction situated 400 km east of Isfahan at the heart of Iran. The village is a fantastic place to walk around; you can enjoy wandering in palm trees gardens. Climbing the nearest mountain or hill to have a good view over the village is also a wonderful things to do.

Isfahan (IMNA) - An Ancient castle, a cemetery, shrines, and an ossuary of Zoroastrians are the spectacular ancient attractions in Garmeh village. The Sassanid castle, which is located in the center of the village, is one of the most famous historical site in Garmeh village. The ancient castle and the mosque in the village are more thousand year's old which are really worth seeing. The interesting thing about the village is a spring from which the cold water flows. When you stand in the water, little fish inside the spring will dance around your feet and create a very nice scene.

Maziar Residence; Fireplace (Ateshooni)

Garmeh village is tied with the name of Maziar. Maziar, along with his French wife and his parents, abandoned urban life and converted his ancestral house into a beautiful residence for desert-lovers.  

Knowing the region and being a virtuoso, he reconstructed an old house and converted it into an ecotourism residence for desert lover; Maziar and his sympathetic friends caused tourism boom and also prosperity in surrounding villages. The name of this beautiful residence is Atashooni which means soiree around the fire. Ateshooni residence has seven beautiful decorated rooms.

"I named this 400-year-old house Ateshooni which means soiree around the fire in Zoroastrian language. I have got the license of the eco-tourism residence 12 years ago; during this time, many domestic and foreign tourists have come here and got familiar with the culture and nature of the area," he said about this residence.

The most interesting point is that this eco-tourism residence is registered in the world's tourist guidebook, LONELY PLANET; today the tourists all around the world are in contact with Maziar Aledavood through LONELY PLANET.

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