One of the most beautiful houses in the Jolfa square in Isfahan is Khaje Petros house. This house, that is located near the Hakim Nezami intersection, was built by Khaje Petros Valijanian. He was a wealthy and famous merchant in Jolfa who enjoyed a special respect from the Armenians.

Isfahan (IMNA) - According to the available inscription in the house, this building was built in 1668 C.E, 1046 A.H, during Shah Safi’s reign. The building has two floors. Ground floor includes a central room and two small rooms. On the southern wall of the central room, decorations in the form of plasterwork are also obvious. These decorations include designs such as bowls, carafes, and other types of utensils. This style of decorations can be seen in Ali Qapu palace and other historical buildings.

At the center of this room there is a water pond made of marble. The rooms located at both side of the hall are symmetrical. There is also a wall heater embedded in the decorations. Symmetrizing is clearly visible in this floor; So that all parts of the house include stairs, corridors are mirroring a harmony.

The wall paintings in the Khaje Petros house, include leaves and adorned flowers with pieces of gold. These paintings are very similar to the paintings inside the Ali Qapu palace and also the Chalipa paintings thought the palace.

Khaje Petros house is very similar to the old luxurious houses belonged to the rich people during the Safavid era. Its interior is more beautiful than its exterior. Khaje Petros house is registered as the national monument of Iran on August 2, 1997, with the registration number of 1906.

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