Nazhvan Forest Park is one of the natural and recreational attractions in Isfahan. It has an area of 1200 hectares located in the west of the city.

This large park includes a collection of old gardens that has remained safe from the urban development. Nazhvan is a wide area with a lot of attractions such as; birds garden, butterflies garden, reptile garden, aquarium, dolphinarium, biking and walking paths, numerous walking bridges, chairlift, boating facilities and etc.

A while ago, bringing the underwater world alive on ground floor was a stupid dream, but now Isfahan aquarium in Nazhvan Park provides you a window into the beautiful underwater world through which you can see aquatic animals and their movements, without getting wet. The aquarium tunneI is 4000 square meters, with 7 meters depth.

Colorful aquatic animals move and you can watch them without any worry; from tiny colored fish to dangerous and rare sharks. The tunnel which is also the largest of its kind in the Middle East provides an amazing experience for you. But it doesn’t end up with watching fish, there are more exciting activities that bring unforgettable hours for you. Let's go there! it is a must visit place for all people.

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