Isfahan is Iran's art capital of Iran which is famous for its beautiful souvenirs, including all kinds of handicrafts, food, pastries and spices; from Minakari dishes (the art of hand painting) and Khatamkari (the art of decorating wooden surfaces) to Ghalamkari tapestry table clothes (hand printed with intricate designs).

Isfahan (IMNA) - However, the fact is that the name of Isfahan is laced with Gaz (Iranian nougat) and Poolaki (a type of candy). Isfahan Gaz which its history dates back to 450 years ago has the best-quality among the other semi-Gaz products in Iran. The first producer and the inventor of Gaz is Mohammad Ali Shekarchian.

Gaz is a type of sweet that is made with honeydew or manna, sugar, Badka, pistachios, almonds, or walnuts, egg whites, rose’s water and its worth mentioning that no chemicals substances are used in producing it. Isfahan Gaz has different ingredient combinations; it can be white, or produced in different colors due to the addition of spices or nuts. Among different types of Gaz, Gaz-Angabin is usually 4 to 5 times sweeter than the ordinary Gaz.

Everyone knows Isfahan by this sweet; therefore, Isfahan is the most important, the biggest and the best Gaz producer in the country. About 90% of Iran’s Gaz is produced in Isfahan. According to the recent data, there are 450 Gaz production units and 1200 Gaz and sweet distribution units in Isfahan. These production units produce 650,000 tons Gaz and distribute them to the market. Besides Gaz, Isfahan has many other famous souvenirs, like handicrafts; Khatam kari, Minakari, Ghalamkari tapestry table clothes and artworks of Ghalam-Zani.

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