Mud volcanoes are natural phenomena during which the mud underground reaches the surface like a spring and forms a mound. Chabahar’s mud volcanoes are amazing, rare, and unique natural geological attraction.

Isfahan (IMNA) - There is a cone-shaped mud volcano mountain in the north of Kahir-Tonog road (in the south of Kahir-Zarabad road) in Sistan and Baluchestan, that is the greatest and the most famous active mud volcano mountain in Iran. These mud volcanoes are located 95 kilometers the west of Kenark’s port, in Kahir plain on the way to Tonog village. These mud volcanos are located on a flat land and include 3 small mud volcanoes; one of them looks like a volcano which is active at the moment, the rest of them became inactive several years ago.

On top of these hills, there are craters with a few centimeters in diameter. The volume of mud continuously comes up and flows down the hillside. The duration time of this rare and beautiful phenomenon is about 10 to 15 minutes which involves ground vibration. As the mud comes out, a sound like the firing of a bullet is also heard.

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