Isfahan deputy mayor for transportation and traffic said that a parade of electric cars and motors, and also clean vehicles along with the best cycling group is arranged to move from the clean transportation exhibition located in Shahrestan bridge area to the cultural passage of Chaharbagh on Friday morning, May 7th, on the eve of the birth of Ali Akbar (PBUH).

isfahan (IMNA)_ In an interview with IMNA, Isfahan deputy mayor for transportation and traffic,  Alireza Salavati, pointing to the holding of the clean transportation exhibition on the 4th to 6th of May and said: "The clean transportation exhibition which is in line with environmental issues is an opportunity to deliver clean products in the field of transportation."

He added that in the exhibition, with the participation of manufacturers, importers and representatives of motorcycles and hybrid vehicles, as well as authorized vendors of bicycles and official representatives of different types of cleaners, a variety of clean vehicles such as electric, professional, ordinary, and fixed bikes, scooters, and stationary bicycle are displayed to the public.

Referring to the move of the clean transportation vehicles parade at the end of the exhibition, deputy mayor of transportation and traffic of Isfahan, said “this parade holds with the aim of developing the culture of using clean transport vehicles and introducing the future traffic approaches of the city in cooperation with Chargagh's top design management".

He continued that the harmonious parade of cars and electric motors, cleaners, along with the superior cycling teams will be departed from the venue of the exhibition in the area near Shahrestan Bridge to the cultural passage of Chaharbagh on Friday, 7th May, at 9:30 am. This event coincides with the birthday of Ali Akbar (PBUH)

Salavati added, “The route of the parade is from Shahrestan Bridge to Bozorgmehr Square, Khaju Square, and Ferdowsi Street and towards the sidewalk of Charbagh Abbasi. The parade participants eventually will arrive at Chaharbagh cultural passage then special cultural programs will be run and lots of special prizes will be drawn in the cultural week of Isfahan, and the youth’s day will be celebrated on this historical path.

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