Iran to Launch Two Satellites in July Amid International Concerns

Iran's Space Agency (ISA) has announced plans to launch two satellites in the coming weeks, with the compatibility tests between the satellites and launch rockets currently underway.

Iran (IMNA) - According to ISA chief Hassan Salarieh, the launches are scheduled to take place before July 21, provided the agency achieves a 100% success rate in the compatibility tests.

Salarieh emphasized the importance of thorough testing, stating that even if the success probability is estimated at 99% during the testing phase, the agency will keep repeating the tests until a 100% confidence level is achieved before initiating the actual launch.

Iran has faced international pressure and sanctions on its space sector, with some countries accusing the country's satellite launches of being a cover for its missile program. However, Tehran has consistently maintained that the satellites are used for various scientific and development purposes in the country, and that peaceful technological advancement in the aerospace field is Iran's legitimate right.

Recent successes in Iran's space program include the simultaneous launch of three satellites in January using a modern satellite carrier developed by the Iranian Defense Ministry, and the launch of the Sorayya satellite into orbit with a rocket designed and developed by the IRGC. Additionally, Iran placed its Pars 1 research-sensing satellite into an orbit of 500 kilometers for the first time in late February, launched from Russia's Vostochny spaceport using the Soyuz rocket.

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