Iran, UAE Diplomats Unite Against Israeli Aggression in Gaza

In a phone conversation, the top diplomats of Iran and the United Arab Emirates, Ali Bagheri Kani and Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, respectively, discussed the ongoing crisis in the Gaza Strip and the need for collective action to stop the Israeli attacks.

Iran (IMNA) - The Iranian foreign minister emphasized the importance of using all available tools to halt the "Zionist genocide" in Gaza and provide aid to the oppressed population. The Emirati foreign minister echoed these sentiments, highlighting the need for humanitarian assistance and effective measures to stop the Israeli aggression.

**"UAE Vows Support for Gaza Amid Israeli Siege"**

The United Arab Emirates has pledged to do everything in its power to stop the ongoing war in Gaza and provide humanitarian aid to the besieged population. The Emirati government's commitment comes as Israel continues its brutal war on Gaza, which began on October 7 in response to Hamas' retaliation against Israeli atrocities. The Israeli government has imposed a complete siege on the densely populated territory, cutting off essential services such as fuel, electricity, food, and water to the more than two million Palestinians living there.

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