US Navy Faces Most Intense Sea Battle Since World War II in Red Sea

The US-led campaign to protect Israeli interests in the Red Sea has escalated into the most intense running sea battle the Navy has faced since World War II, according to American military commanders and experts.

Iran (IMNA) - The US Navy has been exhausted after confronting non-stop naval operations by Yemen's Armed Forces for over seven months, with commanders warning that the situation is perilously dangerous for them.

Cmdr. Eric Blomberg, aboard the USS Laboon warship, emphasized the gravity of the situation: "I don't think people really understand just kind of how deadly serious it is what we're doing and how under threat the ships continue to be. We only have to get it wrong once. The Houthis just have to get one through." Bryan Clark, a former Navy submariner and senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, described the situation as "the most sustained combat that the US Navy has seen since World War II."

Capt. David Wroe, commodore overseeing the guided missile destroyers, noted that the situation is ongoing, with ships operating for seven-plus months. Yemen initiated its naval operations in October to help bring the US-Israeli genocide in Gaza to a halt. The country has launched missiles, drones, and other attacks nearly every day in the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aden, and the Bab el-Mandeb Strait.

Yemen has targeted American and British vessels and warships, including the USS Laboon, which shot down 18 drones, two anti-ship cruise missiles, and a ballistic missile launched by the Yemenis on January 9. Yemen's Ansarullah leader Abdul-Malik al-Houthi vowed that they will continue to target American warships in the Red Sea and beyond, including the aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower.

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