Iran Condemns US Sanctions on Disabled Community as "Mockery of Human Rights

Iran's State Welfare Organization head, Ali Mohammad Qaderi, has strongly criticized the US and Western governments for imposing sanctions on the country's disabled community, calling it a "mockery of human rights." Qaderi made the remarks at the 17th session of the Conference of States Parties to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in New York on Tuesday.

Iran (IMNA) - Qaderi questioned the legitimacy of the sanctions, asking whether they align with human rights principles. He emphasized that Iran is committed to promoting services for the disabled and has implemented community-based rehabilitation programs. However, the sanctions have significantly increased the costs of rehabilitation items and specialized services, affecting the economic capabilities of individuals receiving these services.

The Iranian government has repeatedly condemned the US sanctions as a crime against humanity, which severely undermine the basic rights of the entire nation. The sanctions have also led to a shortage of medicines, including those for special diseases such as cancer and epilepsy, which health experts warn may worsen in the future.

Qaderi also highlighted the dire plight of the Palestinian people, particularly children and persons with disabilities in Gaza, who suffer under the Israeli regime's brutal occupation. He stressed that the deliberate destruction of healthcare facilities and infrastructure has further compounded the crisis, depriving Palestinians with disabilities of access to vital services. The international community must act decisively to hold the Israeli regime accountable for its egregious violations of international humanitarian and human rights law, Qaderi emphasized.

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