French Government Arrests Iranian Journalist for Supporting Palestinians

The French government has arrested an Iranian journalist, Biazar, on Tuesday without providing any explanation to his family or the public. The journalist, known for his coverage of the Israeli war on Gaza, was summoned by French police without warning and subsequently detained at a facility three hours away from his residence.

Iran (IMNA) - Despite calls from his spouse, Iran's foreign ministry, and the country's top rights official, French police and officials have refused to comment on the detention. Biazar's arrest has been met with strong condemnation from Iran's High Council for Human Rights and the Foreign Ministry.

The journalist, who was an independent reporter, had gained significant attention on social media for his coverage of the Israeli war on Gaza. His account was removed by X without warning, but he later opened a new account where he shared videos of anti-Israel demonstrations in France and raised awareness about the plight of Palestinians.

Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani stated that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has put pursuing and ensuring respect for the rights of the detained citizen and his immediate release on its agenda.

Biazar's arrest comes amid a broader trend of Western states silencing dissent against Israel. The regime has killed over 36,000 civilians and razed the majority of Gaza to the ground since October 7. The situation in Gaza is being characterized as the world's worst humanitarian crisis, with almost half of Gaza's population comprised of children.

The arrest of Biazar is seen as a new move by Western politicians who have been unable to exert pressure on him through his workplace, as he is an independent journalist.

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