Israeli Crimes in Gaza Must Not Be Tolerated: Iran Interim FM

Iran's interim foreign minister, Ali Bagheri Kani, has strongly condemned Israel's ongoing atrocities against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, calling for immediate action to stop the violence and alleviate the suffering of the people.

Iran (IMNA) - In an opinion piece published in the Turkish Milliyet newspaper on Saturday, Bagheri Kani stated that Iran has been one of the loudest voices against the "Zionist regime's bloodshed" in Gaza over the past eight months. He emphasized that Israel has committed the most serious international crimes against Palestinians during its "full-scale Gaza genocide" without any qualms.

The interim foreign minister expressed regret that the international community has failed to take effective measures against Israel's heinous actions, which are being perpetrated with the support of Western states, particularly the United States.

During an extraordinary meeting of foreign ministers of the Developing Eight (D-8) Organization for Economic Cooperation in Istanbul, Bagheri Kani underlined the need for member states to take practical steps to help Gaza and explore ways to stop Israeli attacks and rebuild the besieged territory.

He further noted that the root cause of the ongoing crisis is the illegal occupation of Palestinian lands by Israel, and that there would be no sustainable peace without upholding the Palestinians' rights.

In an interview after the D-8 meeting, Bagheri Kani stated that all participants believe a more serious approach must be adopted against the Zionists and that their crimes "should not be tolerated anymore." He called for cutting political and economic relations with Israel, boycotting Israeli goods, and providing political and legal support for Palestine and its resistance in national and international conventions.

Israel's bloody Gaza offensive, which began on October 7, has resulted in the deaths of at least 36,801 Palestinians, mostly women and children, and the injury of 83,680 others in the Gaza Strip.

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