Mass Graves Uncovered at Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, 80 Bodies Recovered with Evidence of Executions

In a grim discovery, the bodies of 80 Palestinians have been found in three mass graves within the al-Shifa Hospital complex in Gaza City.

Iran (IMNA) - The Health Ministry in Gaza revealed that some victims were brutally "executed" at point-blank range during the Israeli military's assault on the hospital in March. Among the deceased were four medical staff, bringing the total number of medical personnel killed during the conflict to 492.

Details of the Tragic Findings:
- Three mass graves were unearthed within the al-Shifa Hospital complex.
- Evidence suggests victims were shot at close range, with bullet wounds in their heads and chests.
- Israeli forces killed hundreds of Palestinians during a two-week siege of the hospital, leaving their bodies to decompose.
- The total number of bodies discovered in various graves across Gaza now stands at 520.
- Regime forces have detained 42 medical staff, totaling 310 health officials in custody.
- The detained medical personnel are reportedly in dire conditions, prompting calls for their immediate release.

The Health Ministry has urgently call on Tel Aviv to release the medical staff and restore the devastated medical facility. The Israeli military's actions have drawn condemnation, with reports indicating over 1,500 Palestinians killed, injured, or missing as a result of the massacre at al-Shifa. The hospital, once a refuge for displaced civilians, now lies in ruins following the brutal assault.

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