Global Solidarity with Palestine: University Protests Erupt Worldwide Against Israeli Assault on Gaza

Campuses worldwide have erupted in protests by pro-Palestinian students and faculty members against the Israeli regime's war on Gaza, in which over 34,700 people have been killed.

Iran (IMNA) - The protests have spread to universities across the United States, Canada, Australia, and multiple European nations, including the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland, and Switzerland.

The protests have been met with a crackdown by university administrations, with police being called onto campuses and over 2,000 students arrested in the US alone. Despite claims of violence, students and faculty insist the demonstrations have been peaceful.

Protesters are demanding that their universities sever any direct or indirect financial and academic links with Israel and stop accepting funding from groups that directly or indirectly fund the war in Gaza. In recent days, students have held protests or set up encampments in Finland, Denmark, Italy, Spain, France, and Britain following earlier protests in the US.

Global Solidarity with Palestine: University Protests Erupt Worldwide Against Israeli Assault on Gaza

The protests have sparked clashes and arrests in some countries, such as the Netherlands, where Dutch police violently broke up a pro-Palestinian demonstration camp at the University of Amsterdam, arresting 125 students. In Germany, hundreds of pro-Palestinian protesters occupied a courtyard at Berlin's Freie Universität, setting up tents and forming a human chain.

The Western media coverage has been criticized for attempting to frame the pro-Palestine protesters as violent and racist, with social activists arguing that camera phones and social media make the truth much harder to hide. Dr. Jody Armour, a distinguished Professor of Law at the University of Southern California, has also voiced concern over the crackdown on students, stating, "We spend a lot of time teaching these students to think freely and independently, and then we crack down on them when they put our teachings into practice."

Iran's Deputy Minister of Science, Research, and Technology Hashem Dadashpour has offered scholarships to American students who have been expelled due to protesting the crimes of the Zionist regime in Gaza, demonstrating the global solidarity with the Palestinian cause.

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