Iran Welcomes UN General Assembly Resolution on Palestine Membership Bid

Iran's Permanent Ambassador to the United Nations, Amir Saeid Iravani, expressed Tehran's approval of the UN General Assembly's endorsement of a resolution urging a reconsideration of Palestine's UN membership bid.

Iran (IMNA) - The resolution, led by the United Arab Emirates on behalf of the Arab Group, was overwhelmingly adopted on Friday, with 143 member states voting in favor, 9 against, and 25 abstentions.

In his address to the General Assembly session, Iravani described the admission of Palestine as a full UN member as a significant step in rectifying historical injustices faced by the Palestinian people. Co-sponsored by Turkey and supported by nearly 80 member states, the resolution expressed concern over the US veto at the UN Security Council on April 18.

Iravani emphasized Iran's support for the General Assembly's decision as a crucial step in fulfilling international obligations towards Palestine. He highlighted the resolution's recognition of Palestine's qualifications for UN membership under Article 4 of the UN Charter.

The Iranian diplomat reiterated Palestine's commitment to peace and its ability to meet UN Charter obligations, asserting that Palestine deserves full UN membership. Iravani criticized the Israeli regime for its violations of international law, UN resolutions, and refusal to comply with the International Court of Justice's orders.

He condemned the Israeli regime's actions, including war crimes and crimes against humanity, noting the discovery of mass graves in Gaza as evidence of these atrocities. Iravani criticized the US for obstructing a Security Council press statement proposed by Algeria for an impartial investigation into the Gaza mass graves.

Iravani denounced the US's unwavering support for Israel and its efforts to impede Palestinian aspirations for full membership. He reaffirmed Iran's support for Palestine's fundamental rights, including self-determination and the establishment of an independent state with Al-Quds as its capital.

The ambassador stressed Iran's backing for a sustainable ceasefire in Gaza and reiterated Iran's principled stance on Palestine-related issues and non-recognition of the Israeli regime. Iravani highlighted the casualties and injuries inflicted during the 2023 conflict initiated by Israel and criticized Western allies' support for Israel's military actions.

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