Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi Inaugurates Fiber Optic Network Project in Qom

Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi visited the holy city of Qom on Thursday morning to inaugurate various projects, including a significant telecommunication initiative.

Iran (IMNA) - At the opening ceremony of the fiber optic network covering the entire Qom province, President Raeisi emphasized the critical role of modern communication technologies in people's lives.

President Raeisi highlighted the importance of governments adapting to the digital age, noting that various aspects of daily life, such as business, education, entertainment, and communication, now heavily rely on cyberspace and the Internet. He stressed the need to prioritize people's well-being in this digital landscape.

The president outlined his administration's commitment to expanding the fiber optic network nationwide to provide high-speed and affordable internet access to the population. He underscored the cultural significance of this infrastructure, particularly in Qom, a hub for scientific, research, academic, and religious content production.

The nationwide implementation of this plan aims to extend optical fiber coverage to 7.5 million households, enhancing connectivity and accessibility to modern communication technologies. President Raeisi expressed optimism that this initiative would address issues related to slow internet speeds, ensuring a seamless online experience for all users, including those engaging in gaming and entertainment.

Fiber-optic communication, utilizing light pulses through optical fibers, serves as a reliable method for transmitting information efficiently over long distances. This technology plays a crucial role in modern telecommunications, enabling rapid data transmission and connectivity.

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