Israeli Regime Accused of Stalling Truce Talks to Prepare for Full-Scale Invasion of Rafah

In a statement on Wednesday, Izzat al-Rishq, a senior Hamas official and member of the Palestinian resistance movement’s Political Bureau, accused the Israeli regime of deliberately prolonging negotiations for a potential truce in Tel Aviv’s ongoing conflict with the Gaza Strip.

Iran (IMNA) - Al-Rishq highlighted that Israel's intentions seem to be focused on using the negotiations as a pretext for a full-scale invasion of Rafah in south Gaza.

The Israeli military's recent deployment of tanks into Rafah and seizure of the nearby crossing into Egypt, a crucial aid corridor for the besieged Palestinian territory, has raised concerns about an imminent ground incursion into the city. With around 1.5 million Palestinians seeking refuge in Rafah, fears of further escalation in the conflict persist.

Since the conflict began on October 7, resulting from a retaliatory operation by Gaza’s resistance groups, the toll has been devastating, with at least 34,844 casualties, predominantly women and children. Despite Hamas agreeing to a proposed truce deal presented by Qatari and Egyptian mediators, which includes provisions for a captive swap, Israeli withdrawal from Gaza, return of displaced Palestinians, a permanent ceasefire, and reconstruction efforts, Israel has rejected the proposal.

Al-Rishq emphasized that Hamas remains committed to the mediators' proposal and accused Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of evading negotiations by fabricating excuses and shifting blame onto Hamas and the mediators. The situation remains tense as the region awaits further developments in the ongoing conflict.

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