Iran Aims to Become Regional Space Hub in 10 Years, Says Minister

Iran's Minister of Information and Communications Technology, Eissa Zarepour, announced on Monday morning that Iran is on track to establish itself as the leading space hub in the region within the next decade.

Iran (IMNA) - Zarepour highlighted the country's ambitious 10-year space industry plan, emphasizing that with the dedication of Iranian experts, Iran is poised to achieve self-sufficiency in space technology.

Zarepour emphasized Iran's strategic focus on promoting its space services globally, particularly in the areas of light launchers and small satellites. He noted that Iran's capability to manufacture small satellites under 100 kg has garnered interest from customers worldwide.

To bolster international partnerships and collaboration, the Islamic Republic of Iran plans to host space exhibitions and events to showcase its advancements in the space sector. Zarepour expressed the country's eagerness to attract global partners and foster cooperation in space technology.

Highlighting recent achievements, Zarepour lauded the significant progress made in Iran's space development during the year 1402 (March 21, 2023-2024). He mentioned the successful launch of 6 satellites and the deployment of numerous satellites into orbit. Zarepour also mentioned the resumption of Iran's space program after a decade-long hiatus, revealing plans for the construction of the country's largest space base, with the first phase set to commence next year.

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