Iranian Commander Reveals Details of Operation True Promise Against Israel

A senior Iranian military commander, Major General Gholam-Ali Rashid, disclosed new details about Iran's retaliatory strikes against Israeli-occupied territories. In an interview with the Persian newspaper Iran, Rashid revealed that 240 fighter jets from the US-led NATO military alliance were scrambled to shield Israel during the operation dubbed Operation True Promise.

Iran (IMNA) - The Iranian armed forces launched dozens of drones and missiles at the occupied territories late on April 13 in response to Israeli airstrikes on Iran’s embassy compound in Damascus on April 1, which resulted in the deaths of two generals of the Quds Force of the IRGC and five accompanying officers.

Rashid highlighted that Iran’s Operation True Promise exposed Israel’s vulnerability, overcoming the regime's perceived deterrence backed by the United States and NATO. Despite defense measures by the US, UK, France, and regional countries, Iranian missiles successfully targeted Israeli military bases Navatim and Shalakhim.

The commander emphasized that the Aerospace Division of the IRGC used only 20% of its offensive power during the operation, with the potential to unleash the remaining 80%. He also criticized the US and Western governments for their support of Israeli actions against Palestinians.

Iran’s response to Israeli aggression was deemed a “legitimate defense” under the UN Charter, drawing condemnation from the international community. Rashid's revelations shed light on the dynamics and outcomes of the recent conflict between Iran and Israel.

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